13: Launch (or: “HeyDad.com is LIVE!”)

May 25, 2018

HeyDad.com is finally live! The guys celebrate the launch of HeyDad.com, we talk about the journey to get to this point (What. A. Ride.), what we hope it accomplishes, and how you can join.

Also, the guys pitch Kevin on new HeyDad boxes and they are terrible. You get to vote on which ones are the best/worst! Loser is going to have to let the other guys pick the license plate holder that goes on his car for a year. HIGH STAKES.


Use the code HeyDadPodcast for $10 off at HeyDad.com


12: Extra Credit (or: “No one gave your wife a parade…”)

May 1, 2018

Confession time on the HeyDad podcast. Even though we do a (marginally) good job projecting our woke, feminist, bona fides...sometimes deep down we're still cavemen. In this episode we get into the idea of extra credit - wanting to be graded on a curve for just doing normal dad stuff. It's bad and we're not proud of it, but we do make a lot of jokes about it...maybe that will help? Also, "You know what I hate?" is back and we're probably going to offend some people. Episode 12!


11: The Day I Became a Dad (or: “Here at Kaiser we value skin-to-skin time.”)

April 4, 2018

Usually it's just moms telling their birth stories and stealing all of the glory because they actually had the baby - but we were kinda involved too! So we're telling ours. Everything changes when you become a dad, except you're still the same guy you were before. The HeyDad guys make that very clear as they tell the stories of the day they became dads. Andy spaces out and forgets social norms, Derek can't do basic adult things, and Kevin takes himself too seriously and cries a lot. Tyler is just kinda there. 


10: The 10th Episode Extravaganza (or: “What a Ride”)

March 20, 2018

Episode 10! The guys get together to look back on their immense success. We share some of the clips and stories that we weren't able to fit into previous episodes, since the listening public can only handle so much wisdom and laughter. We reminisce about Derek's ongoing love affair with Taco Bell, the time Kevin roofied Andy on a plane, and a bunch of other good stuff. Also, Derek tries to quit the podcast.

Recorded live on the main stage at Coachella.


09: Your Problems are Stupid (or: “At least I got to feel superior?”)

March 6, 2018

The last few weeks we've been busy working on all the other HeyDad stuff - shooting our promo video and getting HeyDad.com closer to launch - but we're back, and as self-important as ever! In this episode, we talk about being a dad and what it's like to play the Comparison Game with your other dad-friends (and with your non-dad friends.) We also get into whether turning complaining into a competition is a good thing (spoiler: it's great, everyone loves it!) Also BuzzFeed is back!


08: Where Did My Friends Go? (or: “Good Dad, Bad Friend.”)

January 25, 2018

Having kids makes building and maintaining friendships waaaay more complicated. Tyler (non-Dad) and the three dads hash it out - why don't we see each other as much? Why is it such a big deal to miss a kid's nap? Why did Derek miss Tyler's wedding? Is it ok to use your kids as an excuse to get out of things you didn't want to attend anyway (yes)? All of this plus a new segment called "you know what I hate?" where we just rant about stuff. Episode 8!


07: Taking Family Photos (or: “So I Want to Talk About Andy Taking His Pants Off”)

January 8, 2018

Taking family photos is inarguably the worst thing there is. The guys talk about why we even bother, explore the seemingly illogical desire for a third party to tell you that your kids are bad, and we interview a photographer (who is also married to one of us) about how to take photos with your kids. Also once again we have to talk about Andy taking his pants off.


06: Holiday (or: “A Sharecropper in a John Steinbeck Novel”)

December 12, 2017

The Holidays! The guys talk about presents, Santa, managing expectations, we get into some hot takes about Holiday-themed coffee drinks...all the important stuff. Also Derek unleashes an epic monologue about Christmas-themed TV episodes. It's a good one.


05: Josh Lovelace (or: “Danny Trejo and the Terrific Trejo Band”)

November 30, 2017

Our first interview! Josh Lovelace of NEEDTOBREATHE joins us to talk about his new kids record: "Josh Lovelace and Friends Present: Young Folk" (it hit #1 on iTunes!). We talk about being a great dad despite the constant need to travel, recording vegetable-related music in the middle of the night, and (of course) we play a stupid game with Josh and giggle a lot. A lot of people are saying that we're better interviewers than Barbara Walters, Marc Maron, David Letterman, etc. and they're all right.


04: Thanksgiving (or: “Chain Wallets at JC Penney”)

November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving! Turkey, mashed potatoes, football, family and (once upon a time)...sweet sweet naps. The guys talk about navigating Thanksgiving with kids, Derek pays a weird homage to his dad via "stuffin' muffins," and Tyler tells us all about the worst Thanksgiving ever. Best day of the year!